Warm enclosures

/ Warm enclosures

          The warm enclosure of the fireplace is quite an unusual solution, but it is becoming more and more popular in Polish homes. Its advantages stem primarily from the fact that it transfers the accumulated heat to the object, while retaining a certain part for later, within its own surface. Due to the aforementioned feature, it is not recommended to combine these types of bodies with air or water heating systems, which would lose their efficiency by giving away a part of the heat of the heating casing. The warm enclosure of the fireplace is recommended primarily to people who plan to heat the living room with wood. Then, the room will be heated both when the contents of the fireplace burns and after it goes out (through the heat stored in the housing itself). As part of our range, we provide you with two types of products, constituting the necessary components of the warm buildings. Below is a somewhat broader discussion. Exchangers are free-standing devices that enable heat recovery from the hot air passing through them. This solution causes that this part of energy, which would otherwise flow through the chimney, in this case is accumulated inside the building of the fireplace. Thanks to this, in the next stage it is transferred to warm the room, where the source of heat is located or – depending on the specific system – is distributed through the remaining rooms of the given facility.

/ Accumulative materials

This sub-group of our offer consists of all the other elements included in the warm fireplace construction, such as glues, mortars, accumulator collars, thermal coils and modules, as well as thermoplastic TPB or magnesia TPM slabs, available in a wide variety of dimensions. We invite you to shop. Thanks to the aforementioned elements of the assortment, it is possible to build a fireplace in a system of warm buildings. In case of any questions related to the offer, we offer help.