We are happy to inform about the ongoing enroll in a series of trainings conducted in our company. This is an excellent opportunity for both current and potential trade partners to familiarize with our offer, technology and the  team 🙂 We organize trainings together with the partners we invite, so this is a good opportunity to get to know a wider range of products, such as heat accumulation materials , control systems and home automation, exhaust systems, and of course Unico fireplace inserts.

Trainings are held periodically, on average every 4 weeks. Each one lasts two days: we start at a certain date at 10:00 in our main office. The theoretical and practical part usually lasts until 18.00. For willings there is an integration part after the training. We go together to the beautifully situated guesthouse in the heart of the Owl Mountains 🙂 The area also abound with numerous tourist attractions such as the mysterious tunnels in Walim, beautiful castle in Książ, underground route in an old coal mine in Nowa Ruda and a charming mountain hiking trails.

The next training will be held on 18-19 November 2016.

Contact for reservations:
Bartosz Wuczyński
mobile. 665 172 057


We cordially invite you to join us!



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