TERMO chamotte rings TKS 180 mm
TERMO chamotte rings TKS (two halves) – pipe φ 180 mm
TERMO magnesite rings  TKS (two halves) – pipe φ 180 mm

The elements of the ceramic accumulation used for collection of excessive heat emitted by the fireplace insert flue pipes. Chamotte rings increase the efficiency and comfort of the fireplace use. The assembly consists just in laying them on a rack directly over the flue system. We guarantee the safety of use. A steel pipe provides sealing during combustion, a ceramic material is not exposed to direct moist and chemically aggressive gases. Even if cracks occur, it continue to work with 100% efficiency. Plaster and seals are not required for assembling – the elements are immediately ready to work.

In addition to various sizes, the rings are available in two material versions – traditional chamotte and magnesite, characterized by increased weight and better thermal conductivity.