TERMO chamotte plates TPS

TERMO chamotte plates TPS:

Heat-resistant large-size components for warm fireplace housings. Nearly every shape, a sustainable and safe fireplace body. In addition it is possible to achieve high efficiency heating device emitting a friendly and naturally healthy heat by radiation phenomenon. Due to a significant weight it increase the heat capacity of the system, optimizing power and efficiency of the heating insert.

Plates are being connected by using dedicated heat-resistant plaster. Their surface is suitable for the plaster coating  (potter plaster), sticking stone and ceramic cladding.

After assembling, it is recommended to strengthen the surface with a glass fiber mesh.

The material the plate is made of allows for easy cutting with electric saws equipped with a diamond blade or disc to cut the concrete.

They do not contain any organic substances being harmful when heated. While working, it does not emit any smells.

They are offered in different sizes and two material versions – traditional  chamotte plates and modern magnesite ones with increased weight and better conductivity.