Neptun 4 Raster
  • Neptun 420 Raster

Air intake – there is no possibility for the combustion process to occur without an air supply. Using the connector (90 mm) you may supply the air from the outside. The connector is placed upright under the insert.

Combustion process control – using the special slider placed in right lower part of the facade, you can adjust the flow of the air under the grate. Due to that you can control the speed of combustion process and the amount of produced energy.

Chamotte lining – chamotte plates offer very good accumulation of the energy,   which is being given out to the surroundings after the burning is over. This very popular material is considered as a great combustion optimizer. It maintains optimal temperature in the furnace what helps to burn out all the gases. We use only high quality chamotte 3 mm thick.

Steel – to produce the fireplace we use a thick (4 mm) steel plate. It is characterized by very high quality and durability. Additionally the plate is being treated by abrasion, and covered with anti corrosive surface. Then it is being coated with a high temperature resistand paint. The fireplace insert prepared this way will certainly serve for years.

Cooperation with the water heating system – the insert is designed to operate in an open and closed system. In the case of using it in a closed system the insert is additionally equipped with a cooling jacket (version PLUS* – look at the price list)

Double overprinted glazing – double glass mainly allows to reduce the heat emission to the outside. It is strongly recommended in case of small living rooms and little spaces in which furniture, RTV devices and other everyday objects are placed. In case of warm surfaces it is almost a necessity because due to the double glass we have the opportunity to accumulate additional energy, which goes to the accumulation mass. HERE You can read more about warm surfaces. Overprint (screen print) the visual effect of a larger front, and makes it look more elegant.

Adjustable feet this feature allows to change hight of the insert in a range of 50 mm.

Protective fence – easy to install, elegant piece of equipment. Highly recommended to use to protect glass from damage.

Ash pan – in modern version of the insterst, the ash pan is placed in the central part of the floor and access to it is possible after removing the iron grate.

Warranty – we give the 5 – year warranty on instert body. The grate, glass, gaskets and ceramic lining are not covered by warranty.