Nemo 4/20 TopEco

The water jacket – placed above the combustion chamber as a separate, removable water top. Placing water heat exchanger over the furnace allows to achieve high efficiency – 87% and very low CO emissions. These scores qualifies the insert for the elite group of fireplaces that meet the strict standards of BimSchV 2 certificate.

The combustion chamber – walls and floor are lined with refractory ceramics with high thermal capacity (Refrabox or chamotte), which provides the efficient transfer of heat to the water jacket. At the same time it has a positive effect on the balance of temperature in the combustion chamber and the walls of the water jacket. An additional advantage is the accumulation of heat that will be emitted even after burning is finished.

In all Nemo insetrs marked as TopEco, the combustion chamber is lined with two layers of material 30 mm of insulation and 30 mm of chamotte or Refrabox ceramics. This allows to achieve a high temperature in the chamber, optimizes the combustion process and most importantly – helps to keep glass perfectly clean, even using wood with high moisture content. TopEco Series is a perfect combination of ecology and economy of use.

Deflector made 100% of Refrabox ceramics. It increases efficiency, temperature in the combustion chamber and effectiveness of the afterburning. It all makes the glass stays clean longer.

Glass can be plain or overprinted (screen print) what makes the visual effect of a larger front. The product can be provided with double glazing. It results in a reduction of the emission of heat through glass and increases the amount of heat transferred to the water jacket. Another advantage is the preservation of pure glass, which does not need to be cleaned after each burning cycle.

Flue insert is equipped with extra heat sinks which additionaly reduce the temperature of the exhaust gas. This directly impacts the efficiency of combustion in the insert.

The body of the insert  this product is made of high quality steel sheet, with a thickness of 4 and 5 mm. Sheets are being cut by laser and then bent with the use of precise CNC bender. The process of welding is being carried out in the cover of noble gases.

Air intake insert is equipped with air intake from the outside. For the convenience of installation, connector pipes, which are used to connect the suction pipe have been placed on three sides of air manifold.

Heat recovery ventilation (recuperation) insert is airtight and, therefore it can be safely used in rooms with mechanical ventilation.

Air circulation in the combustion chamber  through the use of innovative proprietary construction of the suction collector, the air, depending on the phase of burning, can be delivered simultaneously from the bottom rail (under the glass) and upper (located above the glazing). The air circulation is being adjusted by a single lever. The amount of air supplied to the chamber becomes high, which effectively helps to initiate quick ignition of kindling, and then to start the main combustion process.

By moving the adjusting lever, the lower air is being partially closed and when the lever is in the middle possition, whole air goes to the chamber only from above – essential phase.

Further moving of the lever makes that the primary air is being progressively closed – until complete closure.

After that, the only air flowing into the combustion chamber supporting the heat in the furnace is the secondary air which is being supplied through special channels to the holes located in the rear corners of the combustion chamber.

The secondary air causes the after-burning of the exhaust gases. It effectively reduces the emission of harmful substances and increases the efficiency of the insert.

Air collector collector that sucks and distributes the air to upper and lower strip is located under the base of combustion chamber.

Protective fence easy to install, elegant piece of equipment. Highly recommended to use to protect glass from damage.

Adjustable feet  this feature allows to change hight of the insert in a range of 50 mm.