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Lower combustion – The fireplace furnace of the lower combustion is a heat source of the ecological convective systems and central water heating. Supplied with dedicated exhaust gas heat receivers, allows to obtain high efficiency and the level of combustion cleanliness which are unachievable in conventional systems.

The key features of the furnace:

Ecology – The amount of harmful exhaust gases is far below the permitted levels. This allows to use receivers with high heat retention in the system (absence of sediments that cause: necessity of cleaning, heat exchange efficiency reduction, premature exchanger consumption)

Ease of use – Despite of the complexity of the processes occurring in the fireplace, the operation is reduced to kindling, adding fuel and moving the adjusting slider.

Versatility the furnace can be used both to burn a single portion of fuel, and to continuous burning. Adding a fresh batch of wood does not cause smoking due to the process of lower combustion. Simultaneously, high humidity of fuel does not have significant influence on performance reduction, as well as using other types of fuel – mainly coal (occasionally as auxiliary fuel after kindling the stove).

Typicality – The requirements for connectors and installation are the same as in conventional steel furnaces.


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