Dragon 8 XXL

Cooperation with heat recovery ventilation (recuperation) Insert can be safely used in rooms with mechanical ventilation. This is due to the tightness of the combustion chamber and the ability to collect air from the outside of the building.

Ceramic deflector – Made of 100% Refrabox ceramics, helps to keep higher temperature in the combustion chamber. It catalyzes, and burns the fumes out. It increases the efficiency of the whole combustion process. Additionally it helps to keep the glass clean. HERE You can find more about Refrabox ceramics.

Precise combustion process control –  nongrate construction of the furnace allows for full control of the combustion process, including its speed. Due to special injectors, we can decide to which part of the chamber the air has to be given. Adjustment is very simple. It is just moving the slider placed in the central part of the front to the left or right. Every move changes the amount of air directed to the windshield or furnace.

Clean glass systemas well as other inserts in this series, this one also has been equipped with our proprietary system that will protect the glass from soot. The air delivered to the fireplace enters through a special injectors installed on the upper part of the facade. After switching previously described slider, the air is being supplied directly to the glass what makes so-called air curtain. The curtain separates the smoke from the surface of the glass so it remain clean for a long time. In addition, the insert is supplied (as the other inserts in Dragon series) with a ceramic deflector, which allows to keep higher temperature in the chamber and also prevents from the deposition of the tar.

Double glazing – In this series we can decide to mount additional glass which affect positively on fireplace use. Mainly it allows to reduce the heat emission to the outside. It is strongly recommended in case of small living rooms and little spaces in which furnitures, RTV devices and other everyday objects are placed. In case of warm surfaces it is almost a necessity because due to the double glass we have the opportunity to accumulate additional energy, which goes to the accumulation mass. HERE You can read more about warm surfaces.

Ceramic lining – There are two kinds of lining to choose. They are chamotte and Refrabox ceramics. Chamotte plates offer very good accumulation of the energy,   which is being given out to the surroundings after the burning is over. This very popular material is considered as a great combustion optimizer. It maintains optimal temperature in the furnace what helps to burn out all the gases. We can also choose Refrabox ceramics. This is our original, innovative lining which has much better features than chamotte. It can accumulate more heat during the combustion. Moreover, it’s more resistant to mechanical damage. The walls made of this material are more impact resistant and offer faster energy distribution. HERE You can find more information about Refrabox creamics.

Wide range of application – Our inserts and products are universal. We created them for those who want to use the fireplace for relaxation and recreation as well as for the people who will use it every day to heat the entire household. Therefore cartridges can be safely used either in warm surfaces (more HERE) and convection architecture.

Air input – Due to the collector, which is being pre-assembled to each cartridge, there is an opportunity to supply the air from the outside of the building. Additionally, to increase the comfort during the installation we enabled the possibility of plugging in to the collector from three different sides – left, right and from behind (unused sockets must be sealed).

Protective fenceeasy to install, elegant piece of equipment. Highly recommended to use to protect glass from damage.

Adjustable feet  this feature allows to change hight of the insert in a range of 50 mm.