• Dragon X + wymiennik Cumulus


Accumulative-convective,  drop, sealed fumes heat receiver with a high, constant and effective retention, designed to work with the Dragon X and other convective inserts which have big heating potential. It allows to get high efficiency, economics of use and creating practical heating systems in energy-saving houses and buildings of lightweight construction.

Device features:

Modular construction – enables quick and safe installation without the use of plaster and special tools, after assembling it is immediately ready to work.

Durable sealing – it is sealed steel construction. The exhaust gases are isolated with two layers of plate and ceramic accumulation mass .

High heat capacityheavy ceramic accumulation material is being placed in a highly fireproof self-compacting, loose mass, so it  never undergoes cracking and degradation process. The installation of such technology does not involve lifting large weights (the weight of any of the separate components does not exceed 50 kg).

Good heat storagethe drop system pipe exchanger prevents a heat loss. It does not allow the accumulated energy to lift up to the chimney.

Constant high efficiency system of steel ribs (radiators) provides efficient collection of heat and constant effective conduction on the outside of the exchanger. Even after a full heat saturation of storage mass (constant operation of the convective module ). That distinguishes our solution on the background of the other exchangers, fully ceramic (they lose their efficiency after they are charged by heat) and allows to  work continuously.

Versatility the number of accumulative modules may vary, depending on the needs and available space. A standard device has two modules. The weight of each can be freely adjusted by the amount and type of applied material with the possibility of assembling a purely steel device, including convective one. One module is up to 200 kg of the ceramic material.