• Dragon X + wymiennik Condens


Condensing, fireplace water heater – water exchanger designed to work with a Dragon X fireplace insert providing a very high efficiency of water system and high power of water heating by the use of condensation of water steam contained in the exhaust gases. This phenomenon, multiplying the level of heat retention per unit of exchange area, gives a considerable additional boost of energy by recovering heat which is being lost in traditional systems where moisture from the fuel evaporates.

Device features:

High efficiency – a big exchange area in connection with the aforementioned phenomenon of high-level exchange and counter-way flow of exhaust gases and water, and also with no need to apply hot return” (mixing valve) system, exchanger can be used (and is even provided) for heating the cold water returning from the system.

Made of stainless steel high durability and the possibility of using the condensation phenomenon.

Condensate drain condensate is being collected and discharged from the system, which in addition to increase the efficiency, protects the chimney and flue connection (in Poland, the condensate can be discharged directly to the sewage system).

Safety the location of the heat exchanger (next to the insert) allows to turn it off at any time, so the sudden lack of power or other failure does not cause danger of boiling water (when using a dedicated automation). The design also allows to apply the device to the pressure system. In both cases, it is not necessary to apply the cooling system. In case of failure (ex. leaks) the design allows to drain water through the condensate discharge outlet.