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Welcome to the website of Unico company – polish manufacturer of high quality fireplace inserts. Our company specializes in the production of convective inserts (classic and most popular “air fireplaces”) and those with the water jacket (supporting the heating system “water fireplaces”). We are constantly expanding our range of innovative products, such as furnace of lower combustion (Dragon X) which increase the furnace capacity, or new on the market, water condensing exchanger – Condens. When we design our products, we make sure they are ecological and gives its users as much heat as possible. In our offer you will also find potter’s materials, which can be used to build over the fireplace inserts in the warm surface system.You can find current price list and the information about our inserts in the “Offer” section. The arrangements with photos can be found in the “Gallery” and if you are interested in the solutions we use, check the “Technology” section. As a manufacturer of fireplace inserts we make sure that our technology works for you. The prices of fireplace inserts can be diversified and largely depend on the technology used in a given model.
Feel free to check our offer and contact us in case of any questions or ambiguities.

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