28 years on the market

PAGE_03Our strong, stable market position and a very positive image is the result of our daily work motto: quality makes the difference. Proven product, experience, professional, close-knit team, teamwork, enthusiasm and good infrastructure are a guarantee of continuous Unico brand market position strengthening as a synonym for products of great quality at a reasonable price.
From the very beginning of the company Unirol, so since 1988 we operate in the heating industry in Lower Silesia. We started from installation and construction services, and than we transformed into a well-known and acclaimed product and service provider associated with ecological heating systems.


Our story

In 2000 we decided to get involved in the fireplace industry. We started to import and distribute fireplace inserts of  prestigious foreign companies. On the basis of experience gained in 2002, we started our own production of steel fireplace inserts Unico with refractory lining (air and water jacket). All products sold by our company, both imported and produced, are marked with our own, well recognizable logo: Unico.


We are the largest manufacturer of fireplace inserts in Lower Silesia. Fireplace inserts Unico can be purchased from our trading partners, who additionally produce fireplace housings: our partners

We care about the highest level of customer service. We have implemented a quality management system ISO 9001: 2000 what was honored with a certificate in 2004.